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The best way to learn is by playing!

Levels mode is a good place to start.

5 months ago
That's all
5 months ago
That's all
5 months ago
The aim is to delete almost every tile while trying to make the most points.

In multiplayer matches a player can also win by deleting opponent's tile.

5 months ago
How to win
5 months ago
If the value of a tile becomes equal to zero, starting tile value becomes zero too.

You earn as many points as the value of the deleted tiles, with bonus points if you delete more than two tiles at once.
若格子数变成 0,开始的格子也变成0.

起始格的数值也将变成 0。

5 months ago
Negative numbers become positive.

Moreover, if the value of a tile would be equal to 1 or 2 there will be an increase instead of a decrease. (4 - 5 -> 9)


,若格子中的数值将变为1或要变成 1 或 2,减法将会变成加法. (。(例如 4 - 5 -> 9)
5 months ago
When you move, your starting tile value is subtracted from each of the tiles in the direction you are going.
5 months ago
You are the red tile on a square board.
In the game you can move yourself by swiping horizontally or vertically.

5 months ago
5 months ago
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