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Quinb / MetadataChinese (Simplified)

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* 更新翻译
3 months ago
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* Bug fixes
* 更新翻译
* 修复漏洞
3 months ago
* Update translations
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* 更新翻译
* 修复漏洞
3 months ago
Quinb is a reaction / logic game for up to 4 players on the same device.

It contains many minigames in which you have to answer questions as fast as you can to get a point.
If the answer is correct you score a point, otherwise you lose one.

These games are based on <b>3 different categories</b>:

‣ <b>Logic</b>: games that require intuition, logic and fast reflexes
‣ <b>Audio</b>: sound-based games, you have to listen carefully to find out the correct answer
‣ <b>Vibration</b>: vibration-based games that require you to listen carefully to the vibrations of your device

Each match consists of a succession of different minigames.
The goal is to score 7 points before your opponents.

You can play alone if you want, but it is more fun to play with friends of all ages. It's great if you are stuck with nothing to do while you're with friends.

If you think you're fast, challenge and beat your friends!

<b>Main features:</b>

★ 28+ minigames
★ Up to 4 players on the same device
★ Completely free
★ No Ads
★ Multiple languages
★ Minimalist design
Quinb 是一个考验 反应力/ 逻辑能力 的最多支持 4 个玩家在同一台设备上的游戏



‣ <b>逻辑</b>: 需要直觉、逻辑和快速反应力的游戏
‣ <b>声音</b>: 基于声音的游戏,你必须仔细听才能找到正确答案
‣ <b>震动</b>: 基于振动的游戏,要求你仔细感受设备的振动





★ 28+ 个小游戏
★ 最多 4 个玩家在同一设备上游玩
★ 完全免费
★ 无广告
★ 多语言
★ 极简设计
3 months ago
A multiplayer reaction game: train your mind and your reflexes while having fun!
3 months ago
New contributor 3 months ago
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Quinb / MetadataChinese (Simplified)

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Quinb / MetadataChinese (Simplified)

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Quinb / MetadataChinese (Simplified)

Quinb: 4 players reaction game
Quinb:一个四人: 4玩家的反应游戏
8 months ago
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